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406YC Teacher Feature: Katie Campbell

406YC Teacher Feature: Katie Campbell

Today, we are chatting with Katie about her two 406YC 2020 classes: Holistic Health: Standing Practices & Holistic Health: Energy System Correlations with viral infection (COVID19) Lifestyle Prevention Practices

Katie’s classes will check in with viral infection lifestyle prevention practice and energy system correlations. We will correlate numbers, colors, and other energy systems with COVID-19. In Standing Poses, we will explore various standing poses to help enhance metabolic immune function in response to COVID-19.

Katie’s classes are on Saturday, October 17 at 9:30AM & Sunday, October 18 at 8:00AM

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About Katie

Kathryn (Katie) A. Campbell, C-IAYT, YACEP, E-RYT500, BLS, a certified Yoga Therapists, Continuing Education Provider, and Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher Certified in Basic Life Support furthered her education to include medical curricula while working with a variety of populations providing somatic sessions. She returned to the U.S. from Classical study in India to a Private Practice, now honoring many styles. Multiple options are available including a Retreat stay available providing fresh vegan food. She specializes in Physical Rehab, Energy Anatomy, and Multiple Diagnosis or Lifestyle Habit (hutu) Formation. Fond of social/environmental causes working towards world peace one yoga pose at a time.

Owner Yoga Training (Touch)


Key Takeaways

[1:30] The similarities and differences between your two different classes.

[3:15] The connections between our energy body and our physical body.

[6:29] The basic yoga breath.

[9:06] Tantra yoga is the yoga of feeling.


Quotes from this episode

Lifestyle prevention practices are bringing all the different aspects of body energy, mind, intellect, and Spirit into the wholeness of our energy systems.

When your immunity is low, especially through the heart and lungs, it can create problems for our entire system and wear us down.

The natural yoga breath of breathing in and out through the nose is an excellent lifestyle habit.

Both classes are focused on prevention of viral infections, specifically COVID-19 and other respiratory type infections. On Saturday, you’re going to learn a lot about some of the lifestyle practices, pranayama mantra, mudra, colors, etc. Sunday is more of the standing poses for prevention.

You’ll have a well-rounded amount of information to move through the rest of our winter and help prevent COVID-19 and other respiratory infections. I’m sure this will really help with flu season coming up too.