COVID-19 Policy

Our Promise to Our Community

First of all, we want to thank you all for the amazing feedback and support launching the 406YC! We can already feel the community getting closer and it warms our hearts.

We of course know that there are COVID concerns and we want to be very clear that keeping our community healthy, safe, and happy is our top priority this year. As such, we will be collaborating with the Fairmont Hot Springs Resort to ensure that exceptional sanitation measures are implemented (see below).
For now, please know that we want nothing more than a SAFE, COMFORTABLE, HEALTHY, STRESS FREE weekend for everyone!
Yoga is one of the best mental and physical health boosters you can ever implement into your life and we need this now more than ever!
We will follow all county and state guidelines for mask and social distancing rules. 
We will have a more comprehensive list of protocols as we get closer to the event.